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Our future is common. Rural communities safeguard natural and cultural wealth that is essential for our sustenance as humanity.

Join the Fund for Peace, donate now and start making a difference.

Donating to #FondoParaLaPaz is very easy and safe!

At Fondo para la Paz, we are committed to reducing poverty, inequality and inequity in Mexico.

So far, we have impacted the lives of more than

30,000 people in the states of Campeche, Chiapas, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosí and Veracruz.


However, we understand that we must take more active steps to address these challenges.


We can't do it alone, we need your support.


By donating monthly to the Fund for Peace you help us continue with our mission. 


It is urgent to have your support and big heart.  

We hope for you,


We have the option to donate through your PayPal account, click on the button below:


Testimonials from Donor Partners


Construction and rehabilitation of schools, health centers, community centers, basic housing improvements, among others.

Water and Sanitation

Rainwater harvesting and storage, water purification, protection of water sources, separation and channeling of wastewater.

Food Safety

Family and group production of seeds, vegetables and protein sources, construction and management of community kitchens.

Increased Revenues

Group and family enterprises of products and services such as honey, eggs, vegetables, pork, handicrafts, corn, vegetables, ecotourism, among others.


Your donation has a direct impact on aspects related to:


Great things happen when we work as a community

We are an accredited and reliable organization Fondo para la Paz has the Optimal Level of Accreditation in Institutionalism and Transparency granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI). To obtain this accreditation, Fondo para la Paz demonstrated compliance with CEMEFI's indicators to promote professionalism in the philanthropic sector, provide certainty to donors, and promote transparency and accountability.


Read the Donor Cancellation Policy here.


What do I get when I make a donation?

  • Thesatisfaction of contributing to the change that our country needs to confront the negative effects generated by poverty.

  • A CFDI (receipt) which is tax-deductible.

  • Transparency and accountability on the management of our resources through the Annual Report.

  • A monthly newsletter where we will tell you about our main activities and achievements.

  • The possibility that you and your loved ones can attend our #CommunityDay where you can live the experience of getting to know a Community and the work of #FondoParaLaPaz.

  • You will be assigned an Executive from our Donor Care and Experience area, who will keep you up to date with our news, events and follow up on your requests.

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