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Hello, we are Fondo para la Paz

A development agency that, since 1994, has contributed to the sustainable improvement of living conditions in predominantly indigenous rural localities, expanding the capabilities and opportunities of Mexico's poor and extremely poor communities

We work together with communities through participatory, inclusive and sustainable projects, increasing the possibilities for a better future.



We work in 5 states of the Mexican Republic, serving 110 localities, representing close to 30,000 people from 8 indigenous groups.


Fondo para la Paz has teams of professionals who work every day directly in the field and through the Operation Centers (OC).


Our future is common.  Rural communities safeguard natural and cultural wealth that is essential for our sustenance as humanity.



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Community organization
Knowledge exchange
Quality life improvement

These were our main numbers over the last year.
Our work is possible thanks to our donor partners, funders, allies and people like YOU.

Producers with better agricultural yields
Tons of parchment marketed benefiting 403 farmers
Carbon credits generated
Youth participating in improved school spaces.
Trees planted
People already have improved access to safe water in 5 states

Fondo para la Paz and the Sustainable Development Goals


The work of Fondo para La Paz is closely related to the sustainable development agenda that 193 countries, including Mexico, signed in 2015, which sets goals to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and address climate change. The threshold is 2030 and our commitment is to contribute from the Fund for Peace Sustainable Development Program to the achievement of these goals that, along the way and at the end of it, represent reaching the peace in which all beings deserve to live regardless of place or conditions of birth. The following are the specific objectives and goals to which our institutional work is mainly linked.

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